Monday, May 2, 2011

That Settles It

A law enforcement strategy killed Osama Bin Laden. The intelligence and law enforcement approach to counterterrorism allowed for the collection of billions of bits of information at the core of Al Qaeda's operations, whereas a missile strike would have prevented collection of Bin Laden's computer, hard drives, and USB sticks.

It was a bold decision by the President to put American boots on the ground in Pakistan if only for 30 minutes, but one that paid off. Training, dedication, and no small measure of luck allowed for a successful mission that will send shockwaves through both al Qaeda and enabling networks the world over.

Any financial agency that laundered Qaeda money, counterfeiters, or smugglers that had contact with any Islamic Terrorist group is now at risk of having that shred of information; a contact, a bill, or an account number, in the hands of the United States government. Al Qaeda was enmeshed not only in the violent, terrorist world, but in the broader ilicit market place that thrives with the destabilization of states, chaos, and vacuum of law.

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