Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Goldberg's Defense of Ryan's Folly Raises More Questions Than Answers

Jonah Goldberg's right-wing fan fiction knows no bounds. His Tuesday op-ed in the LATimes, "Run, Ryan, Run," is a particular disaster. Any aware political commentator could only mean this headline as a warning to Paul Ryan to get as far away from his disastrous budget proposal as he can. Goldberg unironically asks the Folly author to run for Presdient.

Not suprisingly, Goldberg's lyricism runs into several problems. This is the general argument:
  1. The Ryan's Folly will be the defining issue of the 2012 election.
  2. Ryan's Folly is massively unpopular, even among Republican candidates. Paul Ryan alone would be motivated to defend it.
  3. Only someone defendnig a far-right plan could pose as a credible alternative to President Obama.
  4. Therefore Paul Ryan should run.
You know, I was going to do a more in-depth debunking of some of the lies and hyperbole in Goldberg's piece, but that about sums up exactly where the conservative intelligentsia stands at this point. They are so out of touch with reality that they think that hurling insults at cost-control mechanisms in the Affordable Care Act will make everyone forget that the Republican party's only "big" plan is to end Medicare and replace it with a voucher that doesn't cover the cost of health insurance.

And then they throw in some class-baiting lines just to make sure you can't take them seriously.

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