Thursday, May 5, 2011

Giuliani Praises the Lunatic Fringe

The President travels to New York today to view Ground Zero. President Obama will not be offering remarks only four days after he ordered the targeted assassination of Osama Bin Laden. The event is a watershed event in the war on terror, providing a treasure trove of intelligence on Qaeda operations as well as removing the ideological leader of the terror group. There are those, of course, who don't think it's a watershed event because they think it didn't happen.

Giuliani provided crucial support to these nut-case 'Deathers' with this statement on the decision not to release of a photo of Osama Bin Laden after two bullets tore apart the man's skull:
"Then you just relive the intensity of all this a month from now, two months from now, three months from now. Why not put them out now, satisfy at least the rational people who have questions about it," Giuliani said.
I wonder who the rational people are who don't believe that a JSOC operation launched on a compound in Abottabad succeeded in killing Osama Bin Laden after the U.S. military as well as the man's family confirmed the killing. Calling anybody with "questoins" about whether Osama Bin Laden was killed "rational" is completely absurd. I wonder if this is a misquote, and Giuliani meant to say "irrational." Sounds like a good follow-up question for him at his next dozen public appearances, doesn't it?

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