Monday, May 23, 2011

Eric Cantor Has Lost Touch with Reality

I've been reading a lot of interesting articles today. The conversion of Media Matters founder from Conservative hit man to truth-arbiter, the absolute failure of leadership in the GOP House caucus, and the already-astounding success of Affordable Care Act implementation all seem worthy of note. None of those stories wraps up in a nutshell like this story that Pajamas Media (a right-wing propaganda outlet) drops in my lap:
Eric Cantor dropped this line in his speech to AIPAC, the largest American apologists for Israel's far-right regime:
Yet today the two-thousand-year-old dream of the state of Israel is in jeopardy. There is no other nation on Earth so routinely denied its right to exist and threatened with destruction.
I'm sorry, but what? Is Eric Cantor looking at a post-1948 map? Israel's Knesset would certainly be shocked to find that it presides over an imaginary state. It must be awfully terrible to be a Jew in Palestine right now, living under a Hamas-Fatah government.

Perhaps Eric Cantor simply mispoke (and misprepared his remarks). Palestinians of course have no permanent state, and Israelis would do well to find a partner for peace amongst their leaders. Palestinians would do well to support such a leader. And Israelis would do well to find a leader that actually wants to start a peace process, as Netanyahu clearly isn't interested in the job.

We learned last night that Eric Cantor also isn't interested in becoming that leader.

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