Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Mitt Romney calls oil "a massive new resource we have." It's time we enter the oil age, Mr. President!

Also, someone should tell Romney that he doesn't need to continue to pander to Iowans about ethanol. He already lost that primary twice.

"I'm getting North America energy independent." "I'll get America and North America energy independent." Romney is running for the Canadian vote.

Candy Crowley asks about whether $4 per gallon is the new normal. This is a surprisingly good debate question.

The President describes the basic facts of energy demand, but leaves out that it's largely caused by growth in the third world. "A large part of that wasn't true." President Obama reminds Mitt Romney that he has a record. I wonder if that will stop the lying.

Mitt realizes the debate is slipping away, demands that President is answering a question that he's already answering.

So much for stopping the lying about checkable facts. The President's strategy in this debate can't rely on Romney being shamed into not lying; he's seen that it's never worked.

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