Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday Round-up

National Republicans are caught between the tea party and reality, so Speaker John Boehner is asking Democrats to tell him what to oppose. Meanwhile, the Republican's Dennis Kucinich knock-off is pushing for articles of impeachment, following theSillySeason's advice.

Polling continues to show that Americans in general and Wisconsonites in particular support public worker collective bargaining rights. Rasmussen (R) confirms the PPP poll of Wisconsin that a majority there opposes Scott Walker's plan to bust public sector unions. The survey was realeased on the heals of a Rupert Murdoch-bought poll which confirmed that nationally, collective bargaining rights for teachers, firefighters, and other state employees enjoy almost a 30 point edge over proposals similar to the Wisconsin bill. I wonder what all of the Right-wing blogogandists will have to say about the Wall Street Journal and Rasmussen polls that confirm the results of the PPP, NYT/CBS, and Gallup polling on the collective bargaing question. Two days ago, Michelle Malkin, Fire Andrea Mitchell, Hot Air, and a dozen other spit-and-bluster factories attacked the poll findings. Thus far, no retractions, no mea culpas, no nothing.

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