Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Honest Question

The Washington Times tries a new attack on NPR, spinning off of the serial felon James O'Keefe's punkumentary propaganda:NPR officers compare deniers of climate change to birthers and flat earth believers.

Don't bother reading the article (I didn't; the website's ads were too annoying). Focus on the headline that the Washington Times provided, which I copied verbatim. Here is the allegation again:
[] compare [climate change deniers] to birthers and flat earth believers
Is there anything in that comparison that isn't apt?

Please, if you can answer that question honestly, or if you know anybody who can, send them here to comment. Again, your prompt is "Is there any aspect of the comparison between 'deniers of climate change' and 'birthers and flat earth believers' that is inappropriate?"

Or is the attack simply that NPR employs people?

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