Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Republican Earmark Hypocrisy

Senators Johns Thune and Cornyn, both Republicans, requested earmarks totaling millions of dollars in the appropriations bill. The $1.1 trillion package would implement the President's budget with some cuts for the government in 2011. Now, Republicans may throw a hissy fit and

Both Thune and Cornyn had pledged not to seek earmarks in the 112th Congress, along with the rest of the Republican Senate Caucus. Their press conference today was supposed to hammer Democrats on the inclusion of earmarks (less than 1% of the bill) in the spending bill. The specific spending provisions, which will largely go to stimulate the economy through funding projects, are more effective stimulus for the economy than the $68 billion dedicated to a tax cut for millionaires who inherit their wealth that both Thune and Cornyn voted for today. (By the way, did you know that half of American millionaires inherited their fortune? I didn't.)

We'll see if Republican outrage over their own actions will be enough to overcome the bipartisan appropriations bill. If it is, we might see more GOP hostage taking (a government shutdown would result from passing nothing at all before this Saturday).

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