Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Wonder How GOP Will Pay for Wealthy Tax Giveaway

There is the possibility that the Repbulicans will choose not to pay for their tax giveaway for the wealthiest 2% of Americans, of course, in a repeat of the original Bush give away to the wealthy. Crosscut, a Seattle based blog suspects thinks that Republicans are intent on instituting an austerity program of their own by removing all remaining stimulus money from the economy. (Quote is from subscription-only "Congressional GOP aides are reported to be reviewing agency records to identify particular stimulus-funded projects that could still be 'reasonably' killed because work on them is only beginning." Recall that 'reasonably' means whatever a hostage-taker or extortionist would mean when he says it. This only restricts the Republicans from taking money that is part of an active contract with an agent outside of the federal government, such as a state or or contractor. Goodbye, all emergency programs administered by the federal government. Your money just got given to Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, and a lot of other characters much less scrupulous than those two.

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