Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Prop 19 Link Dump

California Attorney General candidates might not enforce Proposition 19 if it passes.

Don't let anybody tell you that capitalism isn't a prime motivator behind passage of Prop 19.

Rand's drug policy research arm says that marijuana profits only supply 15-26% of Mexican cartel profits.

Deeper in the paragraph, the article makes the argument that legalizing the cultivation of marijuana under California law would breed violence. As California's export market grows and drops in cost (due to a lower risk of interdiction), the argument assumes that cultivators would be under assault. First of all, California already does produce a lot of the cannabis consumed in America, with local suppliers often beating out the California competition. Secondly, the enacted inability of state officers from seizing marijuana would encourage any cultivators to go to the police and through the court system to settle grievances like in any other dispute.

Cities in California cannot rely on federal law in prohibiting medical marijuana dispensaries, but at least one lawyer is concerned that Prop 19 might inadvertently change that by granting local government more control over retail zoning.

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