Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Flag Thrown On Feingold Ad- Play is Under Review

Russ Feingold (D-WI) is facing a tough reelection bid this year. He released an ad containing footage of Randy Moss mock-mooning the Lambeau Field, linking the level of respect that corporate interests and Ron Jonson have to the people of Wisconsin with Randy Moss's mock-bare ass. And though it doesn't sound particularly compelling verbally, it might be doing better than the text suggests. Today, the NFL is asking them to take down the ad, shooting Feingold's argument over to the sports section of at least the CBS news site.

The Feingold has attracted some earned media in a market that they don't normally reach. They're putting a decent argument in the Sports section on the page facing the standings. The quote in the CBS story reads pretty well:
The ad shows a number of clips of football players dancing in the end zone. Feingold says the celebrations are similar to how his challenger has prematurely declared himself the victor in the senate race.
The NFL threw a flag, and now if the campaign is smart, they'll figure out how to milk some extra time out of this affair. In the NFL, this is done by challenging the call. A referee reviews the play from on a monitor. Meanwhile, whatever network who is covering the game has to talk about the play for two minutes while the video is shown over and over. It's nice to see that Feingold is not only a fan of the game, but a master of how it's played today.

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