Friday, September 24, 2010

Health Care Reform Bump Starts Today

A lot of very smart popular-opinion prognosticators (say that 5 times fast) predicted that the final passage of the PPACA this spring would bring about a "bump" in popularity of the bill and the democrats. When polls showed no improvement in the numbers of Americans who thought the PPACA would help them and no help to Democratic numbers on health care or approval scores in general, a lot of them--including Bill Clinton recently--started to eat their hats.

The Conventional Wisdom that emerged was that public perception of the health care bill was still dogged by various myths and outright lies which characterized the Republican strategy against its passage. Ten key provisions of the PPACA went into effect yesterday, and the effects are starting to show up. Howard Pollack posts the letter which he received from his employer today which outlines what the health care reform battle means to the actual citizens of this country. I humbly suggest that as this type of letter is disseminated by private employers across the country this week that we might finally see a turning point in the support of the PPACA, which as many commentators continue to note, is unpopular at large, but contains some extremely popular components.

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