Wednesday, October 2, 2013

WWII Veterans Visit Memorial

I'm glad that Veterans of the Second World War did not let the Republican shutdown of government get in their way of visiting the WWII Memorial on the National Mall. In fact, let's agree that the memorial should be open to all visitors, as it normally is, when the government is funded and open.

John Boehner is the only person who can unilaterally end the House's attack on the Federal Government and the veterans, families, business owners, researchers, and constituents it serves. Why do so few news stories focusing on this absurd confrontation state the obvious: veterans want the government they fought for to repay its debt, and House Republicans are standing in their way.

House Republicans are now offering the same obstructionist radicalism that once the domain of an exceptional, reactionary few. In a kind of anti-Mt. Rushmore, John Boehner is taking his place along with John Calhoun, Newt Gingrich, and George Wallace as the face of craven anti-Americanism. It's time to get out the schoolhouse door, Mr. Boehner, and give the people the government we've been paying for.

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