Saturday, November 3, 2012

Running on Fumes: Romney Momentum

Have you noticed that the whole "Romney is going to win" argument suddenly disappeared? The GOP is back to latch ditch potshots against a popular and well trusted President who has presided over 32 months of straight job growth and a strengthening economic recovery.

Karl Rove is already making excuses for his SuperPAC's inability to buy the election. The Sunlight Foundation's preliminary study finds that "dark money," political spending from undisclosed donor, 81% has supported Republicans. A loss poses an existential threat to Karl Rove's votes-for-cash business. If Team GOP can't win this election on a red tide of capital, there is no earthly reason for plutocrats to hand him million dollar checks.

Rove has now announced that Superstorm Sandy is to blame; the news and a competent government response reminded Americans that the federal government should be muscular, agile, and smart in how it responds to disasters. That is the record of the Obama administration in crises from the automaker rescue, the Bin Laden Raid, and the destruction along the Eastern seaboard. You can compare that record to "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt," the idea that America should ask permission before a raid into Pakistan, or Romney's record of denying funds to emergency preparedness in Massachusetts.

This weekend, Team Red blogs are no longer championing their lost cause candidate. They stopped advocating for an alternative and are arguing for a critique of the President's verbiage.

Rove is filling an important role in the party, however. He's at least attempting to direct the inevitable firing-squad outward. It's in his self interest; after squandering millions of dollars, he's a pretty big target if it goes circular.

*Correction - 81% of 'dark money' has gone towards Republican candidates. This post originally cited 83%. We regret the error.

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