Thursday, April 28, 2011

Abdication of Responsibility

Republican House Member Mike Grimm has a message for you. If you didn't vote for you, he just doesn't care about your interests:
When Ms. Devane said that Mr. Grimm was supposed to be representing her, he added: “You wouldn’t vote for me and I know that. I respect that. So don’t pretend you voted for me. You didn’t.”
You see, he was elected to represent the Republicans in New York's 13th district, not anyone else in there. If you had to work a 12 hour day on Election day, or if you were caring for a sick relative, or if you missed out on voting for Grimm in 2010 for any other reason, Michael Grimm doesn't care about your concerns. It says so in his job title: Representative of the New York 13th District (voters who voted for Michael Grimm and not someone else).

So it's ok that he voted to end Medicare to pay for more tax cuts for the super wealthy. It's ok that he voted for a plan that will cut domestic spending without touching military spending. Because that's what the people who voted for him on one day in November 2010 want, even if they're actually a pretty small group of the people who live in the 13th District.

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