Thursday, February 10, 2011

Look What Memeorandum Dragged In

Usually I'd be simply be surprised at the unnecessary meanness with which Palin attacked Santorum. I mean, really? Neanderthal? Is she appealing to the wordy fifth grader vote with that insult? It's a stupid thing to do strategically, even if her only strategy is to be in the news every single news cycle. Nobody likes a bully, and Palin is letting all of her supporters know that that is exactly what she is.

On the other hand, perhaps the insult is apt considering Santorum's linked taste in TV. I imagine that the only people who watch Palin's live-action Bullwinkle each week are either rabid Palin fans or rabid Palin detractors. Nothing else could justify the 22 minutes each week (assuming DVR). Santorum is obviously neither, so perhaps Palin has pegged a third category of her viewers.

The scattershot malice on display from the Palin camp certainly explains how a person might make US Weekly's mistake, believing that Sarah Palin would savage the singer of the National Anthem at the superbowl. The comments, which US Weekly attributed to Palin included calling Aguilera, "A demanding beauty queen who is clearly in over her head." The whole story was ripped from a satirical site.

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