Monday, January 31, 2011

More Domestic Terrorism

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that a California man was arrested in an attempt to detonate a car bomb outside of a Dearborn, MI mosque on Monday, January 24. The former army veteran was discovered in the parking lot of one the largest mosques in America with a car loaded with fireworks. A funeral service was underway in the mosque when he was arrested. It appears the the man had planned the blast for the evening.

The man has had quite the history of violence according to MSNBC. He was arrested in an attempt to bomb a veterans' clinic in 2002 and jailed for threatening the life of George W. Bush. Last week's attack was foiled by a bar owner who alerted the police.

The suspect, a 63 year old Mr. Stockham, has pled insanity in previous court cases and has been diagnosed with PTSD, a personality disorder, and bipolar disorder. He has nursed a long simmering resentment of government, but his decision to target a mosque in America's largest Islamic community seems even more senseless. It makes you wonder whether the attempted attack was fueled by the rampant Islamophobia that particular media outlets trumpet.

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