Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Purpose of a Blog

Last week I decided to start a blog.

This statement is not exactly true, but let's say it's true enough. You see, last week I got fed up with a politician who said something stupid and the two competitors who sat idly by and endorsed his view.

So I wrote a little article about it, went over to the 'blog' button from my google homepage, prettied it up a little in html, and voila, a blog post.

The experience was neither empowering nor cathartic nor particularly effective at changing the state of American political discourse. Still, I was able to state and publish a vision of the Constitutional order and the regrettable political "silly season" in which we find ourselves.
I hope that few readers of my last article hopefully walked away with an insight into the founding values of the United States. I hope that future readers will find in this space a reasoning which sparks their own. I hope that whatever intellect peeks through this blog is reflected back a thousand times more magnificent by its commenters. I offer original analysis and welcome spirited critique.

No one great voice can uplift this nation, and no one pair of hands can change it. It will take a cacophony of millions of voices shouting at cross purposes to discover a greater truth. It will take millions of hands building and demolishing till we build the future of which we can all be proud. This is the promise of democracy, but it is also a great requirement of every generation. Ours has fallen too silent and complacent.

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